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Kenneth Bamberg, Aalto University
'Y' series
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 Karina-Sirku Kurz, Aalto University
"All sorts of thresholds"
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Ahorn Magazine

Debbie Grossman: My Pie Town

Debbie Grossman's commentary on her work, My Pie Town, via her website 

"My Pie Town reworks and re-imagines a body of images originally photographed by Russell Lee for the United States Farm Security Administration in 1940. Using Photoshop to modify Lee's pictures, I have created an imaginary, parallel world - a Pie Town populated exclusively by women.

"In this work, I take a selection of Lee's beautifully-photographed body of images and re-imagine, revise, and reconstruct them using Photoshop. The archive I have created resembles Lee's with an important difference - in My Pie Town, the rag-tag community of homesteaders is populated exclusively by women.

In some of my revisions, I have taken male bodies and rendered them to look like masculine women; in others, I have taken pairs of women, shifted their distance and body language, and brought them closer to create a sense of intimacy. In some of the pictures I have created women so masculine, or so ambiguously gendered, that they may not, for some viewers, clearly read as one gender or the other. I've also left a few images untouched, allowing for another dimension of re-reading Lee's work".  

For comparison check out "Savouring Russell Lee's Pie Town 2005" @ Americansuburbx

Debbie Grossman.jpg

Image by Debbie Grossman, 2010. Jessie Evans-Whinery, homesteader, with her wife Edith Evans-Whinery and their baby

New York Photo Festival 2010: videos on Vimeo

Fabrica, the Benetton group's communication research center, and Forma, International Photography Centre, present the third edition of the F Award, an international photography contest for concerned photography open to photographers from all over the world.  The most interesting project will be awarded with an economical contribution of 20,000 euro and with the possibility to do an exhibition and to publish a book.  A special section, F25, for photographers under 25, will see the winner awarded with a one year scholarship at Fabrica. Submissions will be accepted until 31 May 2010. Entry form available at       F Award 2010.pdf

Winners of the 2nd Edition

Leonie Purchas - F Award:

Munem Wasif - F25 Award:


Winners of the 1st Edition:

Jessica Dimmock - F Award:


Mikhael Subotzky - F25 Award:



The Photographers' Cookbook:  Say Cheese!

The BA (Hons) Photography students at the University College Falmouth are selling a 100 page full colour cookbook to raise money for their graduation show. Recipes are by photographers such as Elina Brotherus,
 Richard Misrach, 
Alec Soth,
 Rineke Dijkstra, Tierney Gearon,
 Joachim Schmidt,
 Martin Parr, 
Susan Derges and more. Photographs are by students

Pre-order a copy here @ £9.95.

Great idea!

Jackie Dewe Mathews

jackie dewe mathews.jpg

Photographer Jackie Dewe Mathews

Faraja (8yrs) and Pishon Mhewa (10yrs) with their baby brother Jeminus (6 mnths). Their parents are both black skinned but are carriers of the recessive albinism gene. When two carriers have a child it has one in four chances of being born with albinism. Mafinga, Iringa, Tanzania. 2008

Indre Serpytyte: A State of Silence


Images by Indre Serptyte

Porfolio:  A State of Silence 

"The Lithuanian papers wrote that it was a "Painful misfortune (a catastrophe)", when the Head of Government Security died.

Albinas Serpytis died in the early hours of the 13th of October 2001, in a "car accident".

No one seemed to know the details, or circumstances, or provide straightforward answers. His death was premeditated and brutal.

All that remains is silence, unknown circumstances. Hidden motivations. A chilling absence.

This was my father. The subject of my indefatigable investigations."

Lorena Endara

An interesting submission by Lorena Endara, please take a look:


A Man A Plan A Canal Panama focuses on the overdevelopment of Panama City, Panama in relation to the historical, economic, and political forces that continually shape the landscape.


Time to Tell is a body of work shot in a small town called Maravatio, in the state of Michoacan. The project was developed while participating in the Guapamacataro Interdisciplinary Residency for Art and Ecology.

Yusuf Sevinçli

Yusuf Sevincli 2a.jpg
more here: Yusuf Sevinçli.

Lina Scheynius

Nofound (secret)

There are many on-line photographic projects out there but it's only once in a while you stumble upon a gem.  Is there anyone among us who doesn't enjoy getting a surprise in the mail?  Better still, what if you could receive an unexpected, sexy surprise in your email sometimes as often as twice a week, or as rarely as twice a year, depending on the whims of the sender? That's the promise of Nofound (secret), a mailing list that periodically sends its subscribers selected nude photos (of the artistic, rather than pornographic, type).  Nofound(secret) is a private newsletter curated by Parisian Emeric Glayse about nude contemporary photography by emailSign up at your non-work account and be sporadically but pleasantly surprised ;)


Also see Nofound, a non-profit curatorial blog project created by Emeric Glayse where contemporary photographers are invited to show fragments of their diaries.

my secrets:
letter_02, rikki kasso
letter_03, lina scheynius

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