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5th European Month of Photography Berlin

October 19-November 25, 2012


The festival presents a broad spectrum of exhibitions and events that address this year's theme, "The View of the Other".  It highlights, from various perspectives, a variety of thematic and medial aspects: topics such as the construction of identity, exoticisation, colonialism, voyeurism, reflections on the familiar and the alien and much more.




René Groebli, "Untitled". From the series

"Das Auge der Liebe." 

Photo © René Groebli

Sole 1988 & 2011 Buenos Aires 


Pancho 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires

many more, here ...

Back to the Future Part 1

Julie Fogarty: Bomb the Butch

bomb the butch.jpg
Iwajla, Berlin 2010

Zanele Muholi

Continuing with the subject of Gender and Identity - take a look at this series of work by South African  photographer Zanele MuholiZanele Muholi's work represents the black female body in a frank yet intimate way that challenges the history of the portrayal of black women's bodies in documentary photography. Notable work =

Faces and Phases (2009)

Being Series (2007)

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 19.01.27.pngScreen shot 2011-03-22 at 19.02.01.png

Francesca Woodman Exhibition

Francesca Woodman
Victoria Miro Gallery
17 November 2010 - 22 January 2011

"Victoria Miro will present a selection of some fifty photographs taken from this extensive overview of the artist's career that comprises of an archive of around 800 photographs created between the early 1970s to 1981. The exhibition will include previously unseen works, including some rare colour prints, alongside photographs from Boulder, Colorado; Providence, Rhode Island; Rome; MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire and New York"







An exhibition curated by VINCE ALETTI

4th September -- 3rd October 2010
Maureen Paley Gallery, London


Wolfgang Tillmans
 Nacken (a) 2007

Me Maskuline


Image: Katy Norton

me maskuline exhibition

ArtsBar, Camberwell, 


26th July - 7th August 2010

'me maskuline', is an exhibition of photography and video works focused on masculinity. The two-week exhibition at ArtsBar, Camberwell, will feature artists including Oreet Ashery, Alex Brew, Rosie Gunn, Alexis Hunter, Derek Jackson, Del LaGrace Volcano, Katy Norton, Tracy Allen and Grace Lau. Events include a lecture by Rosalind Gill, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at Kings College London, Join The Mutiny's 'Masculinity on Trial' and Del LaGrace Volcano's film screenings and talk.

Curator Alex Brew

Debbie Grossman: My Pie Town

Debbie Grossman's commentary on her work, My Pie Town, via her website 

"My Pie Town reworks and re-imagines a body of images originally photographed by Russell Lee for the United States Farm Security Administration in 1940. Using Photoshop to modify Lee's pictures, I have created an imaginary, parallel world - a Pie Town populated exclusively by women.

"In this work, I take a selection of Lee's beautifully-photographed body of images and re-imagine, revise, and reconstruct them using Photoshop. The archive I have created resembles Lee's with an important difference - in My Pie Town, the rag-tag community of homesteaders is populated exclusively by women.

In some of my revisions, I have taken male bodies and rendered them to look like masculine women; in others, I have taken pairs of women, shifted their distance and body language, and brought them closer to create a sense of intimacy. In some of the pictures I have created women so masculine, or so ambiguously gendered, that they may not, for some viewers, clearly read as one gender or the other. I've also left a few images untouched, allowing for another dimension of re-reading Lee's work".  

For comparison check out "Savouring Russell Lee's Pie Town 2005" @ Americansuburbx

Debbie Grossman.jpg

Image by Debbie Grossman, 2010. Jessie Evans-Whinery, homesteader, with her wife Edith Evans-Whinery and their baby

More on Sally Mann

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Sally-Mann 1.jpg
Untitled, WR Pa 53 (2001) from the series What Remains. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally-Mann 2.jpg
Vinland (1992) from the series Immediate Family. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally Mann The Naked and the Dead. Article by Blake Morrison, The Guardian 29th May 2010

Other Sally Mann posts here and here

Shirin Neshat, Women without Men

shirin neshat.jpg

Shirin Neshat - Film Still from Debut Feature Film, Women Without Men, 2009

Shirin is known primarily for her photography and video work exploring the complex historical, psychological, and ever-evolving social and political positions of women in the Islamic world.  Previous photographic work includes the depiction of Iranian women bearing arms and with Persian calligraphy written on their faces and bodies. After years working in fine art photography and video, Shirin had the chance to direct her first feature, an adaptation of a controversial Persian novella by Shahrnush Parsipur set during the 1953 CIA-backed coup that reinstalled the Shah of Iran. The story recounts the lives of five women set against this socio-political backdrop. Women without Men opens in the UK in May

Catherine Opie: Girlfriends


Image by Catherine Opie: Amy, 1996

Press Release:  "Gladstone Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of never before seen work by photographer Catherine Opie. Since garnering attention in the early 1990s for arresting portraiture of her friends and partners in the gay, lesbian, and trans leather community, Opie's work has moved across genres to capture unique visions of the varied individuals and communities that comprise the diversity of American culture. Each time she approaches a new subject, be it California surfers or her recent body of work focusing on high school football teams, Opie creates photographs that are both beautiful and innovative visions and insightful portraits of the social contexts she explores.

Ana Mendieta: Silueta and Silence

Ana Mendieta:  Silueta and Silence @ the Alison Jacques Gallery, London until 20th March 2010

press release MENDIETA 10.pdf

Image: Body Prints by Ana Mendieta

Thibault Stipal: Androgyne

see androgyne portfolio at
Screen shot 2010-12-04 at 13.48.47.png


Asa Johannesson: Portraits of Her

The first time I saw Asa Johannesson's work was at the University of Westminster degree show (2006), Brick Lane, East London. Amongst hundreds of images this series "Portraits of Her" was the only one that really made an impact on me and remains permanently imprinted on my retina.  Aesthetics aside, what interests me about her work is her exploration of the notions of self and otherness, particularly with regard to gendered identity.  See also Portraits of Him which is a project commenting on and challenging masculinity as a form of identity. The sitters are men identifying as FTM (female to male).


Her1-1.jpg her1-2%20copy.jpg

Gender Construction

Portraits exploring female masculinity:

Extracts from Series

Trish MorrisseyWomen with Moustaches

Tanya Karen Brookes Lisa Laura Indigo

(accompanying article by Robin Whitaker from Source Magazine Issue 22) Women with Facial Hair

Catherine OpieBeing and Having, 1991


Ana Johannesson

Portaits of Her

Her1-1.jpg her1-2%20copy.jpg 

 Portraits of Him (Female to Male)

asa johannesson him.bmp asa johannesson him.png 

Martin Schoeller Female body-builders


Lea Crispi Lieux



Mary Cobel


Cass Bird

cassbird isabelle.jpg 


Del LaGrace Jacks Back

del lagrace 1.jpg
 del lagrace 2.jpg 

Claude Cahun


Joel GrafningsWomen at Work


Still to come:  Hellen Van Meene and Collier Schorr 



Lea Crispe: Lieux

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