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Sally Mann: Faces


David Maisel: History's Shadow

David Maisel:  History's Shadow


Tate Channel: Tate Shots

TateShots is an excellent series of short videos, produced by the Tate, with a focus on modern and contemporary art. 

Taryn Simon


Book launch:  In the Shadow Of Things by Léonie Hampton

Thursday, 12 May 2011, 18.30 - 22.30pm @ 22 Micawber Street, London, N1 7TS

About the book: For over a decade, Léonie's mother Bron found it impossible to empty the packing boxes which had filled her new home since the collapse of her first marriage. The boxes, along with stuffed plastic bags and accumulated artefacts from her former life, were a constant, physical reminder to her family of Bron's long-running battle with OCD and depression. In 2007, a deal was struck: Léonie would help Bron empty the house on the condition that she be allowed to document that process. For the book launch event, Léonie and her mother Bron will transform an abandoned warehouse creating an installation of objects that they found and sorted during the making of the book. There will also be a screening of a slideshow of the work, originally made for Foam Museum Amsterdam.

Florian DeLasse: "Présences"


by Floriane deLassee

now showing at Galerie Philippe Chaume in Paris,  8 April 2011 to 4th June 2011

Visit the artist's website and Vimeo to see more.

Timo Klos: Orr

With Orr, Timo Klos let the exposure time extend for as long as the moment lasted. The result is paradoxical; the longer he wants to keep a moment, the more information is lost. Too beautiful!

See full series here:

timo klos dinner.jpg

"Dinner, 1 hour" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

timo klos sexysex.jpg

"Sexy Sex, 20 minutes" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

timo klos sleeping.jpg

"Sleeping, 9 hours" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

Artist's statement:  The series was created during what may have been the last 10 days with my girlfriend. I took my photo camera in order to capture our last time together and I exposed every moment as long as it lasted. Her name "Orr" means "Light".

Prints Charming: Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean. Images from The Russian Ending, 2001:

tactica dean 1.jpg

tacita dean 2.jpg

tacita dean3.jpg

tacita dean 4.jpg

Tacita Dean. Images from The Russian Ending,  2001. 

Each image in the portfolio is derived from a postcard collected by Dean in her visits to European flea markets. Most of the images depict accidents and disasters, both man-made and natural. Superimposed on each image are white handwritten notes in the style of film directions with instructions for lighting, sound and camera movements, suggesting that the each picture is the working note for a film. The title of the series is taken from a convention in the early years of the Danish film industry when each film was produced in two versions, one with a happy ending for the American market, the other with a tragic ending for Russian audiences. Dean's interventions encourage viewers to formulate narratives leading up to the tragic denouements in the prints, engaging and implicating the audience in the creative process.

Mull it Over

Check out  Jonathan Cherry's excellent Mull it Over blog comprising of "a series of web based interviews with innovative contemporary photographers from around the world".

Archive section here

Abelardo Morell: Groundwork Exhibition

I am a big fan of Abelardo Morell's work, particulary his Camera Obscura series (shown here and here). His two new bodies of work  - Tent Work and Cliché Verre - are on show at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York until 18 Dec 2010. 

In his  tent-camera process Morell continues to push the boundaries of the way we see with the use of a lightproof tent and periscope that allows him to project a view of the nearby landscape directly onto the ground below. The resulting photographs play on the tropes of impressionistic painting as the projected landscapes are refracted on the grass, sand or pavement below.

"Recently, I began to wonder what it would be like to marry images of landscapes with the surface of the ground nearby. I have worked with my assistant, C.J. Heyliger, on designing a light proof tent that, via periscope type optics, makes it possible to project a view of the nearby landscape onto whatever ground is under the tent. Inside this darkened space I use a view camera to record the effect, which I think is a rather wonderful sandwich of two outdoor realities coming together. This Tent-Camera now liberates me to use camera obscura techniques in a world of new places. I now have a portable room, so to speak." - Abelardo Morell


Abelardo Morell
Tent-Camera Image on Ground: Rooftop View of the Brooklyn Bridge, 2010

 "Cliché Verre"  is a series of photographs of ferns and cycads. Cliché Verre means "glass picture," and was used by the French painters Corot and Millet. Morell has literally pressed several plants repeatedly all over the surface of a glass plate to achieve more complex imagery, which can look like imaginary  jungles or forests.

Press release here:

Sam Taylor Wood: Vanitas


Sam Taylor Wood, Still Life (video stills), 2001

Sam Taylor Wood@Still Life-1.jpg

Sam Taylor Wood@Still Life-2.jpg

Sam Taylor Wood@Still Life-3.jpg

Sam Taylor Wood@Still Life-4.jpg

In the arts, vanitas is a type of symbolic work of art especially associated with Northern European still life in Flanders and the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries though also common in other places and periods. The word is Latin, meaning "emptiness" and loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of Vanity. Common vanitas symbols include skulls, which are a reminder of the certainty of death; rotten fruit, which symbolizes decay like ageing; bubbles, which symbolize the brevity of life and suddenness of death; smoke, watches, and hourglasses, which symbolize the brevity of life; and musical instruments, which symbolize brevity and the ephemeral nature of life. Sam Taylor Wood's work (Still Life, Video Stills, 2001) is another step in this direction: the image, beautiful as ever in Taylor-Wood's universe, decomposes itself. By the end, nothing is left but a grey amorphous mass.On closer inspection, one thing distinguishes this picture from its predecessors. The ball-point pen. A cheap, contemporary object that doesn't decay.

The Absent Presence

Contraband by Taryn Simon

Taryn Simon spent five days photographing items confiscated from people flying into New York's JFK airport.

"These images are from a set of 1,075 photographs -- shot over five days last year for the book and exhibition, "Contraband" -- of items detained or seized from passengers or express mail entering the United States from abroad at the New York airport. The miscellany of prohibited objects -- from the everyday to the illegal to the just plain odd -- attests to a growing worldwide traffic in counterfeit goods and natural exotica and offers a snapshot of the United States as seen through its illicit material needs and desires".

taryn simon contraband.jpg

Bird corpse, labeled as home décor, Indonesia to Miami, Florida (prohibited, 2010

Laundromat/Locomotion is the result of a project that British artist Steve Pippin conducted in a New Jersey laundromat (1989) where he transformed washing machines into cameras. As an homage to the locomotion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, Pippin connected trip wires to a row of twelve front-loading washing machines and proceeded to walk, run, and ride a horse through the laundromat, thus creating his own contemporary motion studies. Pippin's unorthodox technique also included developing the photographs in the wash and rinse cycles of the machines. 
Image: Walking without Trousers by Steve Pippin


Masao Yamamoto

More on Sally Mann

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Sally-Mann 1.jpg
Untitled, WR Pa 53 (2001) from the series What Remains. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally-Mann 2.jpg
Vinland (1992) from the series Immediate Family. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally Mann The Naked and the Dead. Article by Blake Morrison, The Guardian 29th May 2010

Other Sally Mann posts here and here


Wolfgang Tillmans forthcoming exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London will focus on both the figurative and the abstract in Tillmans' work, and embrace a broad range of subjects; from unconventional eloquent portraits, to large-scale, colour-saturated abstractions that capture the beauty of photography's chemical processes. 26th June - 29 August 2010


Wolfgang Tillmans
Wald (Briol I), 2008

Smarteez: Chris Saunders


Image by Chris Saunders.


What's hip in the heart of South Africa? Eclectic nu rave fashion scene on the streets of Soweto.  The Smarteez are a tribe of young ghetto-fresh fashionistas often compared to Tokyo's Harajuku Girls

Deep Freeze

thumbnail ice 1 small.jpg

Sophie Ristelhueber (b.1949, France) has been awarded the 2010 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize of £30,000. The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize rewards a living photographer, of any nationality, who has made the most significant contribution, in exhibition or publication format, to the medium of photography over the previous year. She was nominated for her retrospective Sophie Ristelhueber at the Jeu de Paume, Paris (20 January - 22 March 2009).  The work of short listed nominees is on show at the Photographers Gallery until 17 April 2010

James Nachtwey: War Photographer

Richard Hamilton, London
 This survey at the Serpentine Gallery, W2, focuses on the octogenarian's stridently politicised side, showcasing works that mix righteous ire, piercing insight and media savvy. Included is the tabloids' favourite, his digitally manipulated image of Tony Blair dressed as a cowboy. Until 25 April 2010 (from the Guardian).


Full length portrait of Tony Blair dressed as a cowboy with his hands on his pistols, Shock and Awe (2007-8).

Giacomo Brunelli: The Animals

Giacomo Brunelli

'The Animals' at Photofusion, London until the 26th March 2010


Image by Giacoma Brunelli

Thomas Ruff on Jpegs & Portraiture

A video series (part 1-4) of Thomas Ruff's February 12th, 2010 talk at Aperture NY:

Alejandra Laviada Photo Sculptures

alejanda laviada chairs 2007.jpg
Alejandra Laviada, Chairs, 2007

Elinor Carucci


A major London exhibition of recent photographs by Elinor Carucci at the James Hyman Gallery

7 January to 20 Febuary 2010.

Lorena Endara

An interesting submission by Lorena Endara, please take a look:


A Man A Plan A Canal Panama focuses on the overdevelopment of Panama City, Panama in relation to the historical, economic, and political forces that continually shape the landscape.


Time to Tell is a body of work shot in a small town called Maravatio, in the state of Michoacan. The project was developed while participating in the Guapamacataro Interdisciplinary Residency for Art and Ecology.

A Positive View 2010

A Positive View 2010 

Exhibition. Somerset House, London 10th March - 5th April 2010

Royal Patron:  Prince William

"2010 will see one of the most important and unique photographic exhibtions of international works ever to take place in London.  The third exhibition of this fully curated museum-scale exhibition is to be held at Somerset House, London from 10th March to 5th April 2010.  A Positive View will bring together more than 100 rare and signed vintage works across almost a century of photography.  Classic and Contemporary works will cross a variety of genres, from still life, fashion, landscape, portraiture and reportage"

See website for List of Photographers and Artists. More info at Creative Review Blog


Elliott Erwitt, Wyoming Steam Train Press, 1954

wim wenders lounge painting 1 1983.jpg
Wim Wenders, Lounge Painting #1, Gila Bend, Arizona, 1983

It took me hours to find somebody

who could open up the lobby

of the old "Stout's" hotel on Main Street in Gila Bend.

It had been closed for years already.

That painting over the Coke machine haunts me ever since.

It's the dream version
of the perfect beginning 

of a road movie.

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