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Debbie Grossman: My Pie Town

Debbie Grossman's commentary on her work, My Pie Town, via her website 

"My Pie Town reworks and re-imagines a body of images originally photographed by Russell Lee for the United States Farm Security Administration in 1940. Using Photoshop to modify Lee's pictures, I have created an imaginary, parallel world - a Pie Town populated exclusively by women.

"In this work, I take a selection of Lee's beautifully-photographed body of images and re-imagine, revise, and reconstruct them using Photoshop. The archive I have created resembles Lee's with an important difference - in My Pie Town, the rag-tag community of homesteaders is populated exclusively by women.

In some of my revisions, I have taken male bodies and rendered them to look like masculine women; in others, I have taken pairs of women, shifted their distance and body language, and brought them closer to create a sense of intimacy. In some of the pictures I have created women so masculine, or so ambiguously gendered, that they may not, for some viewers, clearly read as one gender or the other. I've also left a few images untouched, allowing for another dimension of re-reading Lee's work".  

For comparison check out "Savouring Russell Lee's Pie Town 2005" @ Americansuburbx

Debbie Grossman.jpg

Image by Debbie Grossman, 2010. Jessie Evans-Whinery, homesteader, with her wife Edith Evans-Whinery and their baby

Prints Charming: George Kraus


Eiko Hosoe


More on Sally Mann

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Sally-Mann 1.jpg
Untitled, WR Pa 53 (2001) from the series What Remains. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally-Mann 2.jpg
Vinland (1992) from the series Immediate Family. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally Mann The Naked and the Dead. Article by Blake Morrison, The Guardian 29th May 2010

Other Sally Mann posts here and here


Wolfgang Tillmans forthcoming exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London will focus on both the figurative and the abstract in Tillmans' work, and embrace a broad range of subjects; from unconventional eloquent portraits, to large-scale, colour-saturated abstractions that capture the beauty of photography's chemical processes. 26th June - 29 August 2010


Wolfgang Tillmans
Wald (Briol I), 2008

Self Publish, Be Happy


Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend

5-6 June 2010.
Curated by Bruno Ceschel

The Photographers' Gallery

London, UK.

 Book Signings

"Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers' Gallery is a unique showcase of exceptional contemporary DIY photo books selected by curator and founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, Bruno Ceschel. The weekend long event will offer art book lovers the opportunity to discuss, admire and be inspired by publications originating from around the world. A selection of the books will be for sale in The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop. Visitors will also be able to meet the authors/publishers in The Photographers' Gallery first floor Café and Bookshop at various book signings throughout the weekend.

Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers' Gallery will feature work by: Maxwell Anderson; Morten Andersen; Gerry Badger; Tim Barber; Alexander Binder; Lucas Blalock; Ricardo Cases; Luis Castelo; Joshua Deaner; Charlotte Dumas; Jeremie Egry & Nicolas Poillot; Jason Evans; Sam Falls; Gary Fogelson; Stephen Gill; Sebastien Girard; Terence Hannum; Takiura Hideo; Derek Henderson; Asa Johannesson; Erik Kessels; Alexandra Klein; Sjoerd Knibbeler; Marten Lange; Shane Lavalette; Alastair Levy; Jeff Luker; Aubrey Mayer; Heather McDonough; Alex McTigue; Sophie Morner; Lester B. Morrison; Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson; Asher Penn; Karol Radziszewski; Richard Renaldi; Japp Scheeren; Lina Scheynius; Joachim Schmid; David Schoerner; Anne Schwalbe; Victor Sira; Alec Soth; Morten Spaberg; Esther Teichmann; Katrina Umber; Erik Van Der Wejjde; Jan Von Holleben; Patrick  Waugh; Grant Willing; and Ofer Wolberger.

A limited edition catalogue of only 200 has been produced for the event with photographs by Nik Adam, Peter Haynes and Åsa Johannesson and will be available exclusively at The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop on the weekend" (via)

New York Photo Festival 2010: videos on Vimeo



"In French, there is a phrase - petit mort, or 'little death' - that alludes to the orgasm. For me, photographing is like this.I am a pack of nerves while waiting for the moment, and this feeling grows and grows and grows and then it explodes, it is a physical joy, a dance, space and time reunited. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Like the end of Joyce's Ulysses. To see is everything."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Still in Motion


NPG Call for Entries.jpg

National Portrait Gallery:  How to Enter

Recent Graduate Exhibition

freshfaced and wildeyed.jpg

UPDATE:  Graduate Freshfaced&Wildeyed 2010 exhibition now on-line at the Photographers Gallery website.

Smarteez: Chris Saunders


Image by Chris Saunders.


What's hip in the heart of South Africa? Eclectic nu rave fashion scene on the streets of Soweto.  The Smarteez are a tribe of young ghetto-fresh fashionistas often compared to Tokyo's Harajuku Girls

Fabrica, the Benetton group's communication research center, and Forma, International Photography Centre, present the third edition of the F Award, an international photography contest for concerned photography open to photographers from all over the world.  The most interesting project will be awarded with an economical contribution of 20,000 euro and with the possibility to do an exhibition and to publish a book.  A special section, F25, for photographers under 25, will see the winner awarded with a one year scholarship at Fabrica. Submissions will be accepted until 31 May 2010. Entry form available at       F Award 2010.pdf

Winners of the 2nd Edition

Leonie Purchas - F Award:

Munem Wasif - F25 Award:


Winners of the 1st Edition:

Jessica Dimmock - F Award:


Mikhael Subotzky - F25 Award:


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