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Rain Room


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5th European Month of Photography Berlin

October 19-November 25, 2012


The festival presents a broad spectrum of exhibitions and events that address this year's theme, "The View of the Other".  It highlights, from various perspectives, a variety of thematic and medial aspects: topics such as the construction of identity, exoticisation, colonialism, voyeurism, reflections on the familiar and the alien and much more.




René Groebli, "Untitled". From the series

"Das Auge der Liebe." 

Photo © René Groebli

Paris Photo Highlights

Paris Photo 2012

15-18 November 2012         


Grand Palais

Avenue Winston-Churchill

75008 Paris

Hours: Thursday-Sunday noon-8pm


See here for a listing of what's on 

See here for the brochure: bpb_brochure_small.pdf

Also a shout out for my friends Laure Martineau and Pantchika Bur who are exhibiting at Brighton Photo Fringe: The Coach House, 22 Walpole Road, BN2 0EA from 6th to 14th October 2012.

Five photographers have been shortlisted in this year's Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, run by the National Portrait Gallery. They are Jasper Clarke, David Knight, Dona Schwartz, Jooney Woodward and Jill Wooster. The exhibition will run at the National Portrait Gallery from 10 November 2011 - 12 February 2012. For more info visit


Jasper Clarke, Wen 2011


Jooney Woodward, Harriet and Gentleman Jack.


Jill Wooster, Of Lili

Robert Gumpert ~ Locked and Found: Inside San Francisco's Jails

HOST Exhibition
7th April - 7 May 2011

Picturing the Penitentiary: A Panel Discussion

13 April 2011, 19:00


Robert Gumpert

Ed Clark

Erwin James


Foto8 Summer Show 2011

Photographic Exhibition, Award and Print Fair open to all photographers


8 July - 12 August 2011

HOST Gallery


Entries now being accepted for the 2011 Summer Show! 

Details here and here: ss11_callforentries-2.pdf 

World Photography Festival


The World Photography Festival and Sony World Photography Awards are coming to Somerset House, London! Further info here

Viewing in Private

Viewing in Private: International Contemporary Art Fair Exclusively Online for one week only:

January 22-30, 2011

Registration required.

Forthcoming Exhibitions in London

Susan Hiller at Tate Britain from 1st February 2011 - 15th May 2011 


Susan Hiller: An Ongoing Investigation at Timothy Taylor Gallery from 3rd February 2011 to 5th March 2011


London Art Fair 2011

London Art Fair:  Photo50

19-23 January 2011

Business Design Centre, Islington N1

Talks and Discussions here:


Image by Helen Chadwick. Wreaths to Pleasure. 1992

Portfolio Magazine

A sign of the times: Sadly Portfolio, UKs premier contemporary photography magazine, closes it's doors after 22 years of continuous production. More info here

Francesca Woodman Exhibition

Francesca Woodman
Victoria Miro Gallery
17 November 2010 - 22 January 2011

"Victoria Miro will present a selection of some fifty photographs taken from this extensive overview of the artist's career that comprises of an archive of around 800 photographs created between the early 1970s to 1981. The exhibition will include previously unseen works, including some rare colour prints, alongside photographs from Boulder, Colorado; Providence, Rhode Island; Rome; MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire and New York"





Abelardo Morell: Groundwork Exhibition

I am a big fan of Abelardo Morell's work, particulary his Camera Obscura series (shown here and here). His two new bodies of work  - Tent Work and Cliché Verre - are on show at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York until 18 Dec 2010. 

In his  tent-camera process Morell continues to push the boundaries of the way we see with the use of a lightproof tent and periscope that allows him to project a view of the nearby landscape directly onto the ground below. The resulting photographs play on the tropes of impressionistic painting as the projected landscapes are refracted on the grass, sand or pavement below.

"Recently, I began to wonder what it would be like to marry images of landscapes with the surface of the ground nearby. I have worked with my assistant, C.J. Heyliger, on designing a light proof tent that, via periscope type optics, makes it possible to project a view of the nearby landscape onto whatever ground is under the tent. Inside this darkened space I use a view camera to record the effect, which I think is a rather wonderful sandwich of two outdoor realities coming together. This Tent-Camera now liberates me to use camera obscura techniques in a world of new places. I now have a portable room, so to speak." - Abelardo Morell


Abelardo Morell
Tent-Camera Image on Ground: Rooftop View of the Brooklyn Bridge, 2010

 "Cliché Verre"  is a series of photographs of ferns and cycads. Cliché Verre means "glass picture," and was used by the French painters Corot and Millet. Morell has literally pressed several plants repeatedly all over the surface of a glass plate to achieve more complex imagery, which can look like imaginary  jungles or forests.

Press release here:

Shomei Tomatsu & Daido Moriyama

The Michael Hoppen Gallery in London presents an exhibiton on the works of:


Shomei Tomatsu

09.09.10 - 09.10.10


Daido Moriyama

10.09.10 - 10.10.10

moriyama Hawaii .jpg



An exhibition curated by VINCE ALETTI

4th September -- 3rd October 2010
Maureen Paley Gallery, London


Wolfgang Tillmans
 Nacken (a) 2007

do or die.jpg

Image: Hendrik Kerstens , Bag, 2007, Teutloff Photo + Video Collection, Bielefeld

Do or Die - The Human Condition in Painting and Photography

Collection Teutloff meets Wallraf

17 September 2010 - 9 January 2011

Cologne, Germany

Juxtapositions help illustrate how paintings and photographs conserve cultural symbols and ideas:-


François Boucher (1703 - 1770), Resting girl (Louise O'Murphy), 1751, oil on canvas, 59,5 x 73,5 cm, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud, Köln


Nan Goldin, Jens' Hand on Clemens' Back, Paris 2001, Cibachrome-Print, 40 x 60 cm, Teutloff Photo + Video Collection, Bielefeld

Catalogue available through Amazon


The Skin Exhibition

Wellcome Collection
,183 Euston Road, 
London NW1 2BE

Until 26 September 2010. Free admission

Audio slideshow

william e gray.jpg

image: william e. gray

Me Maskuline


Image: Katy Norton

me maskuline exhibition

ArtsBar, Camberwell, 


26th July - 7th August 2010

'me maskuline', is an exhibition of photography and video works focused on masculinity. The two-week exhibition at ArtsBar, Camberwell, will feature artists including Oreet Ashery, Alex Brew, Rosie Gunn, Alexis Hunter, Derek Jackson, Del LaGrace Volcano, Katy Norton, Tracy Allen and Grace Lau. Events include a lecture by Rosalind Gill, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at Kings College London, Join The Mutiny's 'Masculinity on Trial' and Del LaGrace Volcano's film screenings and talk.

Curator Alex Brew

Skills Exchange Project

The Urban Transformation and the Politics of Care project involves artists working in collaboration with elderly people, market traders, care workers and young people to swap skills and develop ideas for social and architectural change.

Work will be presented at the Sackler Centre for Arts Education at the Serpentine Gallery, London in summer and autumn, 2010.

Åbäke & Markus Miessen (Westmead Care Home), Barby Asante (Inspire, Southwark), Marcus Coates (St John's Hospice, Westminster), Beatrice Gibson (Camden Homes Eranda Foundation for Older People), Tom Hunter (Age Concern, Hackney)

The project has been developed in partnership with Age Concern, Westminster Housing and Care Services and Goldsmiths' Centre for Urban and Community Research.


From the film The Future's getting old like the rest of us.

Beatrice Gibson with Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
Voice G (Deep, deliberate, polite, careful not to interrupt. Pensive, dreamy, attentive to other voices. Stoic) 2009

Eadweard Muybridge

Tate Britain
8 September 2010  -  16 January 2011


From Tate Britain website:  "Muybridge was the man who famously proved a horse can fly. Adapting the very latest technology to his ends, he proved his theory by getting a galloping horse to trigger the shutters of a bank of cameras. This experiment proved indisputably for the first time what no eye had previously seen - that a horse lifts all four hooves off the ground at one point in the action of running. Seeking a means of sharing his ground-breaking work, he invented the zoopraxiscope, a method of projecting animated versions of his photographs as short moving sequences, which anticipated subsequent developments in the history of cinema.

British-born Eadweard Muybridge, who emigrated to the United States in the 1850s, is one of the most influential photographers of all time.  He pushed the limits of the camera's possibilities, creating world-famous images of animals and humans in motion. Just as impressive are his vast panoramas of American landscapes, such as the Yosemite valley, and his documentation of the rapidly growing nation, particularly in San Francisco. His dramatic life included extensive travels in North and Central America, a career as a successful lecturer, and the scandal of his trial for the murder of his wife's lover.

This exhibition brings together the full range of his art for the first time, and explores the ways in which Muybridge created and honed his remarkable images, which continue to resonate with artists today. Highlights include a seventeen foot panorama of San Francisco and recreations of the zoopraxiscope in action. His influence has forever changed our understanding and interpretation of the world, and can be found in many diverse fields, from Marcel Duchamp's painting Nude Descending a Staircase and countless works by Francis Bacon, to the blockbuster film The Matrix and Philip Glass's opera The Photographer.

In addition to Muybridge at Tate Britain, his birthplace Kingston upon Thames celebrates and investigates its unique Muybridge Collection with special exhibitions at Kingston Museum and at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University. Visit the Muybridge in Kingston website for more information.

Organised by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC"

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera

28 May  -  3 October 2010

From Tate Modern website: "Exposed offers a fascinating look at pictures made on the sly, without the explicit permission of the people depicted. With photographs from the late nineteenth century to present day, the pictures present a shocking, illuminating and witty perspective on iconic and taboo subjects. 

Beginning with the idea of the 'unseen photographer', Exposed presents 250 works by celebrated artists and photographers including Brassaï's erotic Secret Paris of the 1930s images; Weegee's iconic photograph of Marilyn Monroe; and Nick Ut's reportage image of children escaping napalm attacks in the Vietnam War. Sex and celebrity is an important part of the exhibition, presenting photographs of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Paris Hilton on her way to prison and the assassination of JFK. Other renowned photographers represented in the show include Guy Bourdin, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, Lee Miller, Helmut Newton and Man Ray. 

The UK is now the most surveyed country in the world. We have an obsession with voyeurism, privacy laws, freedom of media, and surveillance - images captured and relayed on camera phones, YouTube or reality TV. Much of Exposed focuses on surveillance, including works by both amateur and press photographers, and images produced using automatic technology such as CCTV. The issues raised are particularly relevant in the current climate, with topical debates raging around the rights and desires of individuals, terrorism and the increasing availability and use of surveillance. Exposed confronts these issues and their implications head-on."


 Thomas Demand.jpg


Thomas Demand, Camera 2007

© Thomas Demand

New York (Couple Kissing, Girl Staring at Camera, Tortilla Factory), 1969 by Garry Winogrand.jpg

Garry Winogrand's New York (Couple Kissing, Girl Staring at Camera, Tortilla Factory), 1969.

Shizuka Yokomizo's chromogenic print Stranger No 2, 1999.jpg

Shizuka Yokomizo's Stranger No 2, 1999


Essay: Tate Etc Issue 19 

Essay: via Photography Collection



"Futurising is a one-stop shop of opportunities, advice and information for all future and current creative graduates from all universities across the UK. The first opportunities and recruitment festival specifically tailored to the needs of creative graduates will take place at the Nicholls & Clarke Building, Shoreditch High Street, London on 29th-30th June 2010. Whether you are seeking your first step on the ladder, already in work and want more options, or an employer wanting to connect with the cream of the young creative world, Futurising is the place to be."

Futurising: The full story - read interview with Marice Cumber, Director and Creator of Futurising.

Free Range 2010 is here

The Free Range graduate art & design show takes place every June and July at the Old Truman Brewery.  The show provides the best platform for graduate art and design students to showcase their work to both public and industry. Free Range is a one stop shop featuring more than 100 university courses from across the UK providing visitors with a unique opportunity to meet the hottest new creative talent all under one roof. Shows rotate weekly over the 8 week season and are curated by disciplines including design, graphics, photography, art and interiors.

For more information and full listings of events and directions to the Old Truman Brewery, visit


More on Sally Mann

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Sally-Mann 1.jpg
Untitled, WR Pa 53 (2001) from the series What Remains. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally-Mann 2.jpg
Vinland (1992) from the series Immediate Family. Photograph: Sally Mann

Sally Mann The Naked and the Dead. Article by Blake Morrison, The Guardian 29th May 2010

Other Sally Mann posts here and here


Wolfgang Tillmans forthcoming exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London will focus on both the figurative and the abstract in Tillmans' work, and embrace a broad range of subjects; from unconventional eloquent portraits, to large-scale, colour-saturated abstractions that capture the beauty of photography's chemical processes. 26th June - 29 August 2010


Wolfgang Tillmans
Wald (Briol I), 2008

Still in Motion


NPG Call for Entries.jpg

National Portrait Gallery:  How to Enter

Recent Graduate Exhibition

freshfaced and wildeyed.jpg

UPDATE:  Graduate Freshfaced&Wildeyed 2010 exhibition now on-line at the Photographers Gallery website.

Richard Hamilton, London
 This survey at the Serpentine Gallery, W2, focuses on the octogenarian's stridently politicised side, showcasing works that mix righteous ire, piercing insight and media savvy. Included is the tabloids' favourite, his digitally manipulated image of Tony Blair dressed as a cowboy. Until 25 April 2010 (from the Guardian).


Full length portrait of Tony Blair dressed as a cowboy with his hands on his pistols, Shock and Awe (2007-8).

Giacomo Brunelli: The Animals

Giacomo Brunelli

'The Animals' at Photofusion, London until the 26th March 2010


Image by Giacoma Brunelli

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