Nofound (secret)

There are many on-line photographic projects out there but it's only once in a while you stumble upon a gem.  Is there anyone among us who doesn't enjoy getting a surprise in the mail?  Better still, what if you could receive an unexpected, sexy surprise in your email sometimes as often as twice a week, or as rarely as twice a year, depending on the whims of the sender? That's the promise of Nofound (secret), a mailing list that periodically sends its subscribers selected nude photos (of the artistic, rather than pornographic, type).  Nofound(secret) is a private newsletter curated by Parisian Emeric Glayse about nude contemporary photography by emailSign up at your non-work account and be sporadically but pleasantly surprised ;)


Also see Nofound, a non-profit curatorial blog project created by Emeric Glayse where contemporary photographers are invited to show fragments of their diaries.

my secrets:
letter_02, rikki kasso
letter_03, lina scheynius

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