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Giacomo Brunelli: The Animals

Giacomo Brunelli

'The Animals' at Photofusion, London until the 26th March 2010


Image by Giacoma Brunelli

Thomas Ruff on Jpegs & Portraiture

A video series (part 1-4) of Thomas Ruff's February 12th, 2010 talk at Aperture NY:

Format Photography Agency 1983-2003

Format Photography Agency 1983-2003

A display at the National Portrait Gallery, London (Room 38a), celebrating the work of Britain's unique all women photo agency from 21st January to 11th July 2010

Maggie Murray and Michael Ann Mullen will give a public talk on 25th March 1.15pm, Ondaatje Wing Theatre

Format represented by:

Maggie Murray, Pam Isherwood, Melanie Friend, Roshini Kempadoo, Michael Ann Mullen, Joanne O'Brien, Raissa Page, Brenda Prince, Val Wilmer.

Alejandra Laviada Photo Sculptures

alejanda laviada chairs 2007.jpg
Alejandra Laviada, Chairs, 2007

Thomas Ruff: Zycles and Cassini

Thomas Ruff:  Zycles and Cassini

David Zwirner Gallery

11 February through to 13 March, 2010

Press Release.pdf

Thomas Ruff zycles 4020_thumb.jpg
Image:  Thomas Ruff

Karen Grainger Re: Landscape

Karen Grainger's latest exhibition Re: Landscape is  currently on show at the Viewfinder Gallery, Greenwich, London

"Re: Landscape presents illusory photographs of English rural scenes and coastlines. Using mirrors when photographing each landscape, Karen Grainger blurs the boundary between the reflected and the real"

As far as exhibitions go, this is a gem. Not only fascinating with regard to the evolution of photography but also a real privilege to see archival prints that are truly beautiful.

Points of View:  Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs @ The British Library, London until Sunday 7th March.

You can also check out their on-line exhibition here which is an edited version, organised under the following themes: Art Beginnings Life New Century Portraits Progress Science Travel.

frog x-rays .jpg

Photographers: Josef Maria Eder (1855 - 1944) and Eduard Valenta (1857 - 1937) 

'X-ray photographs of frogs, c.1896'

Elinor Carucci


A major London exhibition of recent photographs by Elinor Carucci at the James Hyman Gallery

7 January to 20 Febuary 2010.

Indre Serpytyte: A State of Silence


Images by Indre Serptyte

Porfolio:  A State of Silence 

"The Lithuanian papers wrote that it was a "Painful misfortune (a catastrophe)", when the Head of Government Security died.

Albinas Serpytis died in the early hours of the 13th of October 2001, in a "car accident".

No one seemed to know the details, or circumstances, or provide straightforward answers. His death was premeditated and brutal.

All that remains is silence, unknown circumstances. Hidden motivations. A chilling absence.

This was my father. The subject of my indefatigable investigations."

Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 2010

freshfaced and wildeyed.jpg

UPDATE:  Graduate Freshfaced&Wildeyed 2010 exhibition now on-line at the Photographers Gallery website.

freshfacedandwildeyed is an annual exhibition (organised by the Photographers Gallery) open to recent visual arts graduates, representing the most dynamic new photographic work from across the UK.  Following an online submission process, up to 25 artists are chosen by a jury to exhibit online and at The Photographers' Gallery.  

Open to applications from 15th February 2010 to 3rd March 2010.

View the exhibition pages for the last two years:



From Tate Modern website:
In conjunction with the PhotoFilm! screening programme, this symposium explores the wider discourse raised by and around photofilms in the contemporary context of photography, film and digital media.

The changing relationships of stillness and movement and the ways in which we conceive and experience time are considered by distinguished speakers including David Campany, Ian Christie, Raymond Bellour, Laura Mulvey and more.

Also see Photofilm programme here: http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/eventseducation/film/photofilmseasonseries.htm

Kenneth Anger

kenneth anger.jpg

Kenneth Anger, 'Invocation of My Demon Brother', 1969 (film still)

Courtesy the artist and Sprueth Magers Berlin London


Sprüth Magers London is delighted to present an exhibition of work by the legendary filmmaker and artist Kenneth Anger in his first solo show in London for five years. Making films continuously since the late 1940s and considered a countercultural icon, Kenneth Anger is widely acclaimed as a pioneering and influential force in avant-garde cinema. His groundbreaking body of work has inspired cineastes, filmmakers and artists alike. Many channels of contemporary visual culture, from queer iconography to MTV, similarly owe a debt to his art.

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

As part of its continued hosting of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize the Photographer's Gallery in London will be holding a series of conversations with the shortlisted photographers in March: Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Donovan Wylie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie. The exhibition begins at the Photographers Gallery on 12th February 2010. 

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