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Image source: Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

Prints Charming


Prints Charming: Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean. Images from The Russian Ending, 2001:

tactica dean 1.jpg

tacita dean 2.jpg

tacita dean3.jpg

tacita dean 4.jpg

Tacita Dean. Images from The Russian Ending,  2001. 

Each image in the portfolio is derived from a postcard collected by Dean in her visits to European flea markets. Most of the images depict accidents and disasters, both man-made and natural. Superimposed on each image are white handwritten notes in the style of film directions with instructions for lighting, sound and camera movements, suggesting that the each picture is the working note for a film. The title of the series is taken from a convention in the early years of the Danish film industry when each film was produced in two versions, one with a happy ending for the American market, the other with a tragic ending for Russian audiences. Dean's interventions encourage viewers to formulate narratives leading up to the tragic denouements in the prints, engaging and implicating the audience in the creative process.

Prints Charming: George Kraus


wim wenders lounge painting 1 1983.jpg
Wim Wenders, Lounge Painting #1, Gila Bend, Arizona, 1983

It took me hours to find somebody

who could open up the lobby

of the old "Stout's" hotel on Main Street in Gila Bend.

It had been closed for years already.

That painting over the Coke machine haunts me ever since.

It's the dream version
of the perfect beginning 

of a road movie.

Gerhart Richter

Prints Charming

shoes MB1.bmp

shoes MB2.bmp
© Monika Bielskyte 
from Issue 001 of the really great & inspirational magazine someslashthings

shomei tomatsu

shomei tomatsu boy and the sea tokyo 1969.jpg
Shomei Tomatsu,  Boy and the Sea Tokyo 1969

Sally Mann

sally mann the three graces small.jpg © Sally Mann, The Three Graces, 1994
I love this photograph: from a woman's perspective it's both empowering and liberating. (Sally Mann, Jesse Mann and Virginia Mann).

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