Gender Construction

Portraits exploring female masculinity:

Extracts from Series

Trish MorrisseyWomen with Moustaches

Tanya Karen Brookes Lisa Laura Indigo

(accompanying article by Robin Whitaker from Source Magazine Issue 22) Women with Facial Hair

Catherine OpieBeing and Having, 1991


Ana Johannesson

Portaits of Her

Her1-1.jpg her1-2%20copy.jpg 

 Portraits of Him (Female to Male)

asa johannesson him.bmp asa johannesson him.png 

Martin Schoeller Female body-builders


Lea Crispi Lieux



Mary Cobel


Cass Bird

cassbird isabelle.jpg 


Del LaGrace Jacks Back

del lagrace 1.jpg
 del lagrace 2.jpg 

Claude Cahun


Joel GrafningsWomen at Work


Still to come:  Hellen Van Meene and Collier Schorr 



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