Timo Klos: Orr

With Orr, Timo Klos let the exposure time extend for as long as the moment lasted. The result is paradoxical; the longer he wants to keep a moment, the more information is lost. Too beautiful!

See full series here:

timo klos dinner.jpg

"Dinner, 1 hour" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

timo klos sexysex.jpg

"Sexy Sex, 20 minutes" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

timo klos sleeping.jpg

"Sleeping, 9 hours" from Timo Klos's Orr Series

Artist's statement:  The series was created during what may have been the last 10 days with my girlfriend. I took my photo camera in order to capture our last time together and I exposed every moment as long as it lasted. Her name "Orr" means "Light".

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