Book Launch: In the Shadows of Things


Book launch:  In the Shadow Of Things by Léonie Hampton

Thursday, 12 May 2011, 18.30 - 22.30pm @ 22 Micawber Street, London, N1 7TS

About the book: For over a decade, Léonie's mother Bron found it impossible to empty the packing boxes which had filled her new home since the collapse of her first marriage. The boxes, along with stuffed plastic bags and accumulated artefacts from her former life, were a constant, physical reminder to her family of Bron's long-running battle with OCD and depression. In 2007, a deal was struck: Léonie would help Bron empty the house on the condition that she be allowed to document that process. For the book launch event, Léonie and her mother Bron will transform an abandoned warehouse creating an installation of objects that they found and sorted during the making of the book. There will also be a screening of a slideshow of the work, originally made for Foam Museum Amsterdam.

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