The SIP Grant Program

The Shpilman Institute for Photography invites scholars and independent researchers worldwide to submit their applications for research on photography and on philosophy and photography. Grants for individual and group research range from US$5,000 - US$15,000. Deadlines for submissions = 1 March 2011.  All details on guidelines, themes, application process etc and be found on their website here and here.

From their website:  "The Shpilman Institute for Photography (The SIP) is a research institute whose mission is to initiate and support innovative research and artistic production that advance the understanding of photography and related media. Through its grant programs, The SIP commissions and sponsors individual and group research projects that inquire into photography's multiple meanings, functions and significance. Placing an emphasis on philosophical inquiry, we support scholarly papers and publications in print and online, conferences, symposia, and other dissemination events. Art production and collaboration with museums and other cultural spaces are also within the core activities of the SIP."

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