Zhang Huan: Performance Artist Sculptor Painter

zhang huan my New York 2002.jpg

Zhang Huan dons a muscle suit of raw meat as an American muscle man: My New York, 2002, Performance, New York, USA

"Before expatriating to New York City, performance artist Zhang Huan was one of the earliest and most influential icons of contemporary Chinese art. One of his most famous pieces consisted of him covering himself with honey and sitting naked in front of a public restroom outside of Beijing; eventually flies envelope his body. He's also made a muscle suit out of meat, created sculptures, drawings, public art, and installations, and has travelled the world shocking and mesmerizing people with his naked body and masochistic performances".  See his website Zhang Huan

Phaidon has recently published a monograph of work Zhang Huan, the first complete analysis of the artist's entire career


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