NH Harsha:  Nations
Chen Chieh - Jen:  Factory
18 September - 21 November 2009

NH Harsha: Detail shot of Nations installation

Chen Chien-Jen:  Film Still from Factory

Iniva presents a grand scale installation by NH Harsha and a haunting film by Chen Chieh-Jen at Rivington Place, London exploring the issues of migrant labour and globalisation.

192 sewing machines in NH Harsha's Nations refer to the United Nations combining serious discussion with visual wit.  Factory by Chen Chieh-Jen is a silent  but emotive film focusing on a garmet factory in Taiwan post the manufacturing  boom in the 1960's.

In addition, current In Research Events at the Iniva include:

A screening by Joy Gregory:  Tuesday 20th October at 6.30 pm
A screening by Ingrid Pollard: Tuesday  3rd  November at 6.30 pm 
Promised Lands.   A performance by Flow Motion:  Thursday 12th November at 6.30 pm

Full details at Iniva

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